Parents want affordable, quality child care!

Affordable, quality child care is something every family is looking for. Whether parents need child care Monday- Friday, 9-5 or just a few days a week in the evenings, safety and affordability is at the top of every parent’s mind. Without that peace of mind, parents cannot go into work focused, the safety of their children will always be a distraction.

In 2011, the average annual cost of full-time child care for an infant in a center ranged from about $4,600 in Mississippi to nearly $15,000 in Massachusetts. These fees for an infant exceeded annual median rent payments in 22 states and the District of Columbia. With the cost of care so high, many parents believe they are receiving quality care, which is not necessarily the case.  Many parents logically assume that background checks are required for licensed child care providers. The reality is that the logical assumptions of parents far exceed federal and state laws.

Only thirteen states require staff hired to work in child care centers to have a comprehensive background check: a fingerprint check against state and federal records, a check of the child abuse and neglect registry and a check of the sex offender registry. Not to mention, most states have only minimal training requirements– with some having none.

The video above showcases the skyrocketing cost of child care. Parents are looking for alternative ways and many times will sacrifice safety for cost. Parents should not have to sacrifice anything to afford quality care for their children.