Parent Leaders in the News

In the past week, two Child Care Aware® of America Parent Leaders have been highlighted by local television stations looking to share their child care stories. Each parent has a unique story to tell, yet are both equally important.

The first parent who was featured, was Jennie Dexter from Oklahoma. She focuses on the lack of accessibility in finding affordable, quality child care. She has had to move her daughter to four different facilities in the last three years due to centers closing.

Jennie also discusses the cost of child care in her area, which at one point reached $900 per month. She and her husband are not eligible for a child care subsidy, which at times, has left them struggling to make ends meet. To hear more about Jennie’s story and others like her in Oklahoma, click here to watch the news story from OETA.

The second Child Care Aware® of America Parent Leader who was featured on a local television station this past week was Le’Vaughn Johnson in Georgia. Le’Vaughn met with state legislators in Georgia to reintroduce a bill to require those working in child care to get a comprehensive background check prior to working with children. Le’Vaughn’s son, Quale, died in a child care program (click here to read her story).  To watch Le’Vaughn’s interview with WSBTV, please click here.

Are you a parent advocate in your state? We would love to hear your story! Please click here to share your story today!


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